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Coming from a small town of Motihari in Bihar, Sushil Kumar always had a desire to learn, but the means were few and far between. Out of five brothers, he was the only one in the family who refused to leave his studies. With the help of his family he managed to study. After completing his 12th standard he decided to learn computers but could not afford the exorbitant fee of commercial computer centers but was determined to learn and a get a respectable job after.


One day he came across Vedanta Computer Training centre and immediately he enrolled in it. He did the six months course in Diploma in computer application in 2003. After completing the course Sushil got his desired job as a computer operator with a salary of Rs. 6000/- pm. Today Sushil Kumar represents the thousands of hard working and committed students studying at the nationwide network of Vedanta Foundation Computer Training centres.


Today we are proud to say that we create winners. Sushil Kumar, the only winner of the recently conclude KBC on Star Plus, epitomising the rags to riches story.



Bhavisha stays in Nallsopara along with her family. She has completed Basic in Computer Education and enrolled her name in Financial Accounting under Vedanta Foundation Computer Center.


After completion, of course she started working as a computer operator with Contact Parts Decot in Charni Road with a salary of Rs 5000. They had promised that looking at her performance, she will be promoted after 3 month and will increase her salary, but they did not keep their promise. Therefore, she left her job. Then she started working with Pratik Industries Goregaon as a Computer Operator, Personal Assistant and Accountant with a salary of Rs 6000.


Now she is pleased, for the reason that she could help her father in meeting household expenses. Her father is working as a Sales person and mother is a homemaker. She is also bearing the Course fee of her Younger Brother who is pursuing Bachelor of Accounting.


Her wish to see Vedanta Foundation in Every Corner of the World helping poor and needy people of the society.



Rahi Kumar Yadav

Coming from a poor family in the small town of Begumpur in Bihar, Rahi Kumar Yadav always had a desire to learn but the means were few and far between. Yadav often had to work in the fields as a child to pay his own school fees. With the help of a kind hearted donor from the village and his own earning Yadav managed to complete this metric education.


After a series of job changes as a rickshaw drivel, medical shop worker and a kabadiwala Yadav decided none of these are for him and wanted to learn how to use computers. He could not afford the exorbitant fee of commercial computer centers but was determined to learn and a get a respectable job after.


He then saw a hoarding of Vedanta Foundation’s computer literacy program and immediately enrolled in it. After completing the course Yadav got his desired job as a data entry manager at respectable firm. He is now extremely thankful to the foundation for helping him realize his dreams.



Kusum Viras

With the family of five dependents on her, Kusum Viras was having sleepless nights as an unemployed graduate. Living in lower parel with an ailing and retired father, mother who is a home maker, unemployed older brother and a college going younger brother, Kusum was in desperate need for a job.


She enrolled for the basic computer class at Vedanta computer Literacy Program where she passed with flying colors. She immediately got a job as a faculty member at Vedanta with a salary of Rs 750 a month. Two months after, her promising work saw her being promoted to the rank of Senior staff with a hike in her income to Rs 3000 and she is employed as a Centre Manager with more than double her previous salary of Rs 7000 and continues to rise on her career path.


Kusum is now able to support her family’s basic needs and is thankful to Vedanta Foundation for giving her the opportunity to turn her life around.



Vedanta E-Shiksha @ Schools Program


Kikwari Khurd (Z. P. School)

A Government school at Kikwari Khurd was visited by a Resource Coordinator of Vedanta foundation to see the scope of how web based learning would be beneficial for development of the students in the field of education in schools. The term will still most likely be utilized to reference out-of-classroom and in-classroom educational experiences via technology, even as advances continue in regard to devices and curriculum. E-learning is essentially the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge


It was noticed that Kikwari Khurd is a developing village and consists of students who are eager to see new developments pertaining to learning and village development.


After the implementation of the project our Resource Coordinator visited the place to get an overview about the progress taking place; he was amused to see the positive atmosphere in the school premises. Students were seen to be more enthusiastic and interested with the study materials; it was also observed that they were more than satisfied with the program.


Vedanta Foundation once again proved to be significant in improving the system of education in schools



Rojgar Avsar


Nitin Vishe

Nitin belongs to a poor family in Sahapur. His elder brother works as a sales executive and Nitin was working as a courier boy with a salary of Rs.4000/- but was not satisfied with the salary because he could not do much to support his family of 7 members. He was in despair. Vedanta foundation stepped in and guided him to attend a job drive through which he got a job of Delivery boy with a salary of Rs. 7000/-. And now he is satisfied and happy and can support his family.



Saurabh Singh

Mumbai is a Dream city. People from across the country come to Mumbai to realize their dream. Saurabh is one among the all, who came to Mumbai, all the way from Uttar Pradesh to learn acting as well as to study journalism. But it is his bad luck, when he landed in Mumbai he missed all the dates of admission. He had no other way and he made up his mind that he is not going back to his native place. Very soon he realized what he thought was totally different form the actual picture. To survive in Mumbai, he needs a job. In the mean time he came across the advertisement published in Mumbai Mirror about Vedanta Foundation Rojgar Avsar.


He approached with all his expectations in order to get a job. Today he is working with "Edlwise Company" as a Sales Executive. He is grateful to Vedanta Foundation for standing by his side where he has no one to take care of him.



Kamini Koshi

Having a family of seven financially dependent on her, Kamini Koshi was a under immense pressure. Her job paid her Rs 5000 from which she had to support her retired father, mother who is a home maker, older brother who is in the army, younger brother who is unemployed and two sister in laws who are also housewives. In October 2009, Koshi was laid off as the comp0any was downsizing.


This left her under even more pressure, she than came across VEdanta Foundation’s Rojgar Avsar drive and was immediately lined up for an interview with a BPO called Andromeda in a Mumbai Suburb and was placed in their operations department for a salary of Rs 7000. She is happy at her new job and so is her family with her success.



Prison Program


Shah Jaynal Abedin Bipkhari

Shah Jaynal Abedin Bipkhari is a Bangladeshi convict who was imprisoned at Tihar Jail.


In his words the course started by Vedanta Foundation was immaculate and uplifting for the jail inmates, as it provided them with the opportunity to upgrade to be computer literates. Individually the course has made an immense impact in his life. According to him, in the present era of technology, one can’t imagine himself to be competent to survive without the adequate knowledge of computers. It is must to have a satisfactory knowledge for effective use of computers to earn a placid living.


Thanks to Vedanta Foundation for taking an initiative to enlighten the jail inmates with computer knowledge and the innovative thought which has kept them under the check not to deviate from the right path.



Sunil Singh

Warn no 8, Block A

Tihar Jail No 1, New Delhi


Respected Sir,


I am Sunil Singh, at jail no 1. In our jail, when I heard announcement of Computer Course, I enrolled my name. I don’t know anything about computer. But now I learnt lot about computers. Earlier I always have tensions and negative thoughts in my mind, but now I spend one hour to learned computers. I feel positive because of this one hour. I have some hope in my life. When I completed my period, I definitely start my life in a new way. I definitely give computer education to my children. I understand it’s important. I am thankful to Tihar Jail prashashan and Vedanta Foundatiuon.


Yours Truly,

Sunil Singh

Tihar Jail



Vedanta Balchetna Angadwadi Program


Kartik Khairnar’s mother:

Kartik was a weak and malnourished child who would not mix with other children of his age group. I enrolled him with Vedanta Foundation’s Child Care centre at Vitthalwadi and now he is a healthy and happy child who happily mixes with other children. He has learned to eat food on his own and has stopped being fussy. He has put on weight thanks to the nutrition program at the centre and has turned in to a “Chatter Box”!



Prachi Pagare’s mother:

Prachi has always been a shy child who would not make eye contact with other children. She would often burst in to tears when left by herself and cling on to the teacher when she first started school. After just a few months at Vedanta Foundation’s Child Care Centre, I saw Prachi blossom in to a confident young girl who is full of confidence and a high self esteem. She even participates in poem recitals in front of the class.


When I first enrolled Prachi at the centre, I was not sure how she would cope in a regular school with up to 50 students per teacher. But I have been pleasantly surprised. Thank you for filling our lives with so much joy through our child.



Vedanta School for the Mentally Challenged


Yashraj Chaturvedi

Yashraj Chaturvedi an autistic, ritualistic, stubborn child when he was brought to Vedanta School for the Mentally Challenged by his father. He could not even express his wants, likes and demands. He never understood anything. Time was getting very tough for Yashraj’s parents to cope with him.


Through some sources Yashraj’s parents came to know about Vedanta School for Mentally Challenged, they visited the school and got an idea how they would educate their son for future growth.


After being a year in the school today, Yashraj has learned to listen and follow instructions; he also stopped littering places. He explains his needs verbally. Thanks for the efforts of the teachers, his father nods by saying if Vedanta School for the Mentally Challenged would not have been there; probably we would not have known how to educate our child for basic needs.




Sanjana is a mentally retarded child who was very restless and would display odd behavior like talking nonstop, throwing objects, spitting at people and hitting those around her at no provocation. We enrolled her in Vedanta Foundation School for the Mentally Challenged a month ago and we can already see a remarkable improvement in her behavior. She is now more articulate, sits in one place, follows instructions and her hitting and spitting behavior is almost nonexistent. Her toilet training is almost complete and she is able to sleep through the night. I am truly happy to have found Vedanta Foundation and be able to see these changes in my granddaughter.



Beautician Course


Sanju Vinit Gupta

Sanju Vinit Gupta always wanted to be self sufficient. She wanted to do something which would help her to earn some money which she could use to spend in home. Rather than sitting idle at home she opted to join beautician course in Vedanta skill development centre. She says that the course helped her in a great ways. She received expert guidance from teachers and tips from her friends. After completing her course of two months she started working from home. She started taking orders for bridal make ups and other occasional functions. And she is very happy that she used her leisure time constructively and learned useful skills.


She is now earning 6 to 7 hundred per month besides handing her household responsibilities; she is also contributing to the family income.



Agnes Joseph Anthony

Agnes childhood dream was to be a beautician. Being from a middle class family it was out of her reach to join a commercial beautician class. But thanks to Vedanta foundation an NGO based in Mumbai came up with Vedanta Beautician Course for the under privilege section of the society. Today Anita is earning decent income and supporting her family.





Anita Jugnu Nayak

Anita an unfortunate child lost her parents in her childhood and was later adopted by her aunty. She was willing to do something on her own and simultaneously wanted to support her aunt. She came to know about Vedanta Tailoring Course, which is an integrated approach to women empowerment where stitching, dressmaking training is given to under privilege women of the society to provide themselves with self employment opportunities. Today she is earning a steady income of rupees six hundred a month and trying her best to provide a helping hand to improve the present condition of the family.


This is how Vedanta helps in transforming the life of under privilege of the society.