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Progress of any country or economy or society can be fuelled only through consistent inclusive growth. Vedanta Foundation aims to bridge the inclusive growth gap of the country through its focused social development programs.


The Vision of the Foundation is to strengthen the efforts of the country in achieving inclusive growth by providing support through focused development programs with high potential for social development impact.


The Foundation incorporates tested delivery models across its planned interventions to engage the targeted population with the support of its nation wide team of committed and dedicated workforce which fuels the process of the planned development impact.


Scalability & Sustainability of the intervention forms the crux of the Foundations social development plan. Like minded Partnerships and stakeholder engagement shape the social development execution plan of the Foundation. Governments, Corporate, Civil society, Cross section Communities are among our partnered stakeholders. We believe that the combined efforts of the cohort partnerships and stakeholder engagement shall provide the required impetus for achieving an enduring sustainable social development impact.


Taking inspiration from the fact that Livelihood provides the opportunity for attaining sustainable development, we have initiatives focusing on Capacity building as a part of our social development plan. We have included vocational training as a part of our capacity building programs to empower the marginalized youth population with employable skills for mainstream employment.


The fact that the development program needs to reach out to and transform a mass population, motivates the Foundation to fuel its efforts. To ensure the transformation of a mass population, we have outlined clear goals in terms of beneficiaries for each of our interventions supplemented by strong impact evaluation systems as a part of our operational framework. We measure the social impact our development programs have made from time to time.


The Foundation’s result oriented approach forms a core ingredient of its long successful journey of transforming lives since its inception.


Vedanta Foundation has been a catalyst in transforming lives of the marginalized population of the country through its focused efforts weaved in its social development programs which have been detailed separately.