Earn while you learn

In order to provide monetary support for families below poverty line, the Foundation introduced a unique scheme of 'Earn while You Learn' in which the students could pay their educational expenses by working in the call centers after study hours. These centers are installed at the Foundation's Reengus, Rajasthan and Vitthalwadi college premises and houses over hundred workstations. Our college faculty in association with Enser Communications provides students with necessary support and training.

The Call Centre set up by the Foundation in association with Enser Communications Pvt. Ltd. offers an
Opportunity for “Earn while you Learn”. The commitment of the whole team is not only inspiring but reassuring that the Foundation is looking at the well-being, of over thousands of students from low income strata; and helping them not only in carving out careers for themselves but also training them to be good human beings. This is what motivates us too at Enser.