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Vedanta Gurukul Public School

Vedanta Foundation has established a Gurukul Public School at Ringus, Rajasthan on 1st July 2008 with the vision of providing quality primary and secondary education to the children from the rural and remote areas. The School runs primary section from Kindergarten to 4th standard, Middle School from 5th to 7th and secondary section from 8th to 10th standard.


The school currently has strength of 1365 students. Special care is taken to impart education using various high-tech education aids such as China made play equipments, robots, interactive charts, etc. Besides, the Foundation also distributes school bags, uniforms, books, etc to the students.


Along with the quality education the school has conducted various extracurricular activities and events for the students, to ensure their integrated development and help them grow up into thoughtful, mature and independent individuals.


The School wishes to build a strong foundation for its students, so they can find their calling and pursue their dreams.